WordPress Development

Currently hosting over 60 Million websites and blogs, WordPress is by far one of the most popularly used wen development platforms today. The CRUDlab teams understand the need to remain in sync with the latest trend in the market and hence have a robust program for WordPress Development with a dedicated team of developers and management, helping deliver efficient and timely web development solutions to our clients.

WordPress at CRUDlab

We at CRUDlab understand the need for remaining current and with the high scoring statistics that the popularity graph of the WordPress platform is exhibiting, we are more than ready to meet with the demands of the market in that aspect.

Seeing as our firm has extensive experience in the PHP and MySQL development platforms give us further edge since that is exactly what the WordPress framework is itself based on. Our skilled team of professional web developers are closely versed in these development platforms and their services are available at your disposal. Make the call and let us worry about everything else.

WordPress Wows!

The WordPress platform is rather diverse and highly dynamic in its nature. It is one of the only web and blogging platform that offers multi-user, multi-blogging features. This means that you can manage your singular, unified website through more than one account. Basically, this means that more than one users can be giver administrative rights to the website from individual accounts.

There is much more to the WordPress platform. Some more of the features we find rather interesting are:

    • Easy management. You don’t have to be a tech-nerd to operate a WordPress website.
    • WordPress base websites are highly efficient and are very fast. They run smoothly and rarely any lag is ever noticed. This serves for a smooth user experience making it so popular.
    • Has a clean Permalink structure.
    • Is search engine friendly.
    • Supports the Trackback and Pingback standards for displaying links to other sites.

With WordPress, the possibilities are endless!

Get In Touch NOW!

Interested in going the WordPress way? Get in touch with us now! Our teams of dedicated personnel can help you manage all the aspects of your WordPress development start through to the finish. Here are some of the services we offer:

    • WordPress website development
    • Custom WordPress blog theme design and development
    • WordPress design solution
    • Open source CMS development
    • WordPress template design
    • WordPress theme design services

What more is there to wonder over? Make that call and have CRUDlab work on your WordPress Development!

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